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AULA DEI Science and Technology Park Foundation

Aula Dei Science and Technology Park (PCTAD) Foundation is a private foundation of public initiative created in October 2006 as a joint initiative of the Government of Aragon and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), with the goal of leading the development of a Science and Technological Park in the Aula Dei Campus (Zaragoza).

PCTAD Foundation acts as agent of knowledge transfer between research centers attached and technological needs and investment in R+D+i for companies of Agrifood and Environmental Sector and provides direct support and collaboration at all stages of management of R & D development and technology advisory services on demand


University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) was founded in 1541 and it is considered as the main center of technological innovation in the Ebro Valley (Spain). The university has over 40,000 faculty members, 18 centers, 56 departments and 6 research institutes.

The University of Zaragoza has extensive experience in research and development and in educational programs. The research activity is organized in different research institutes, consisting of groups of international prestige.

The research team that participates in the EcoDESforFOOD project is the i +, specializing in eco-design, sustainable design and mechanical design.


Lulea University of Technology

Luleå University of Technology is the northernmost university of technology in Scandinavia and with world-class research and education.

The University is the only one in Sweden with a cohesive campus environment according to the British model where everything is gathered nearby.

Luleå University of Technology offers a course “Materials selection and Eco-design” since the year 2000 and its main working area is Materials selection, methodology to find the best material for components and products, Eco-design, tools to reduce the environmental impact by proper selection of materials, choice of processing methods and analyze of the life cycle of components and products.



MARKETMENTORO is a private initiative that was established in November 2009.

MARKETMENTORO LTD was created during a period where the global economic environment was transforming into a new economy and Cyprus enterprises, especially small and medium were facing important competitiveness problems.

MARKETMENTORO LTD through a dynamic team of young scientists provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern Cyprus enterprises especially on matters like innovation and technology.

The company offers a broad variety of services, to companies, groups, to public and private sector, concerning consultancy, as well as coordination and implementation of Research and Development projects and studies.

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